Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Landing In Minneapolis

This is a small poem (and almost a childish one) I wrote sometime back. It describes the night view of the city of Minneapolis as I saw from an airplane. Each stanza has two lines and in each stanza the first line describes a scene of flight and the second is about the city of Minneapolis. The words in small braces are mentioned for the sake of grammatical completeness.

Landing in Minneapolis

As the plane passed on the black slate,
There she was, the city, the city of lakes.

Many a cars, through the window I could see
Like the fireflies, dancing blinking and free.

And gently then she turned her face
(I saw)The Mississippi, her connections and all her necklace

Finally she started to pace down
(I saw) A TV tower and a blazing down-town

A hug, a kiss and she embraced me in her arms
There was I, at a place so tranquil and calm.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Satyam Connection

Seriously, no one really thought in their ugliest of the nightmares that Satyam Computers would turn out to be a black sheep of the Indian IT industry. And no one knows what lies at the end of this abyss?

As such on the facade of things I really have nothing to do with Satyam and their is practically no reason for me to write this blog, but somehow I remembered of an incident, which though fairly insignificant, could have changed a lot of things in my life by now!

It was the summer of 2004, when Nishant and I after completing our U-grad managed to get a face saving intership at a government organisation. We thank them for this oppurtunity, but seriously we wanted to be out of that mess. We were still in close touch with our deparment and had a constant vigil on an almost parched on-campus recruitment process. That's when Satyam computers, by some heavenly grace, turned up to our college and we thought, well that's it! This is our golden ticket to the outside world.

Almost instantly when we came to know about this news, we contacted our HoD, a real gentlemen by nature and a man with a very level head, for his permission to sit in for the interview process. To our dismay, he quite blatantly asked us not to sit for this, as we were already placed! We tried our best to convince him, but all was seriously in vain. We both eventually ended sitting in the canteen and cursing our fate over a cup of chai. Phew! That was a tough day and I still remember that.

The rest, of course, as always said is history that most of you are aware of. But, I am remembered of a the following line, which I saw somewhere:
"Life can only be understood looking back, but it can only be lived looking forward".

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Has LHC Destroyed Earth?

Well now that everyone is talking about the end of world, end of our civilization, end to human existence that too by a machine that has some fictional capability of creating black holes that will engulf the entire planet!

I really pity the fate of poor LHC...perhaps "The" most advanced system on the planet...is actually doubted to be a "genocide" machine!

Call it a machine that will unravel gods mind, but at the end of the day the machine is out there to find what physicist call "Higgs Boson"

And yes for all those people who feel that this machine will destroy the planet earth....well here is a web link that tells you the status of earth

And for those souls who actually want to see the original LHC, Click Here

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The unholy morning

Beep…Beep…Beeeeeeeeep….[my alarm ]

He says [to alarm]: “Shut up its Saturday…”

He says [to me]: “You shouldn’t be getting up early today…dude there is absolutely no motivation for you to get up…the earliest you will get some good food in the day is in the evening…go back to sleep!”

Me: Well so I take his advice and go back to sleep.

He [after 30 min of loneliness]: “Get up you idiot, get up you are supposed to be with her… in her room next door….don’t you remember deciding this yesterday evening…you have already stalled the meeting….you were supposed to be with her in her room last night….but you got lazy…I can’t believe how can someone be lazy for such a thing…”

Me [to him]: “Shut up…f***off…let me sleep”

He [quite angry this time]: “Dude this is your last chance of doing this thing before the fall semester begins…and you know there are NO weekends in grad school…Listen up buddy tomorrow you are busy all day…and then what you have is one long work drowning week…and you have already blocked your next weekend’s…get up bro…you can do this!”.

Me: “Yeah[half asleep]….[lazily getting up]”

He: “Dude you may want to take of your clothes right now…so that you can expedite the process.”

Me:”Okay…[almost brain dead]”.

He: “Hey stop…stop…not the shorts you idiot…the room is next door…you don’t want to be seen by someone like that…”

Me[quite pissed off]: “What the heck!...okay…”

He:”And don’t forget [interrupted]”

Me:”the bag…I know…I know it’s the key thing...how can you even think of me going there without this bag?”

He[apologetic]: “I am sorry…I just thought of assisting you!”

Me [still pissed off and almost awake]: “Thank you…thanks a lot…”

Me: “Can’t believe I have to even pay her!”

He: “You always paid her…come on dude she is not that expensive….venki pays a lot more than you do…cheer up buddy…she is all yours this morning”

Okay…So here I stand at 8 on this Saturday morning…with bag full of dirty clothes in one hand and few quarters in the other in front of the laundry room next door.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chocolate Donut

When you start capturing math in your food (well yeah the food that you are eating), probably it's signal that you should take a break for a while!

I am eating a chocolate donut right now and really can't stop myself from visualizing all kind of non-planar graphs that could be easily be represented in almost planar fashion on the surface of the donut. Well as such the concept not at all new, but mathematicians used much more elegant objects or rather names, which in this case is Torus. I guess doing math on poor piece of donut is sinful. And to extend my perverted sinful nature, I am wondering right now are there any special properties that vertically bisected donut will have as compared to a complete donut?

Huh! I should rather complete my donut and get back to work.